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Their is much magic to be found in 'alternative' modalities, ancient wisdom and natural medicine. I have found profound healing here and I aim to support you on your journey. 

We are one with nature and when we live in balance, honoring ourself and our environment then we live more harmoniously. This is what is most natural to us and most easy to sustain. 

Western medicine has its place and has served its purpose however it often fails to see you as a full being. You are not your parts. You are a soul having a human experience, you are energy and then a body. Any symptoms that present in you are the bodies way of communicating. Much of how society orients has disconnected us from our true self, our full self. I help you to connect to your highest self. I facilitate healing but more importantly, I help you to see you clearly. Together we bring you into alignment. 

We address the root of what's going on & why symptoms have appeared. We journey and explore together the real you. My goal is to bring you into awareness and flow. When we live consciously, taking responsibility for our life and our choices- this is our path to freedom. When we realize we have the power to create, decide, learn, heal then all can be alchemized into a positive. We can shift anything that is ‘negative’ into its highest form and that is the power of divine alchemy. 

We are all alchemists journeying the human experience - together. We are here to experience, learn, evolve and remember our true self & our connection to divinity. 

You are filtering everything through your vessel & much comes back to your perspective. What perspectives/beliefs are you carrying? Are they serving you & your highest timeline? Can we peel past all allusion and live a life of truth, authenticity and peace within ourself & the collective. 

You are a reflection and aspect of creation. You may define that as God, Source, the universe, the All and so on. You have unlimited healing power to access, a reservoir of energy to tap into. I help you to unlock parts of yourself and to heal any stagnant energy/blockages or unconscious beliefs. I look at you as a whole- spiritually, physically, emotionally. Each of these aspects contribute to your health and well being. I offer many practices to facilitate growth, recovery and balance. We bring calm to your nervous system and here your body can re-orient.  I utilize my intuition, gifts and my diverse background to assist you. My practice brings me deep fulfillment & I am honored to be trusted with your care.

As far as formal education, I have a degree in Counseling Psychology. I furthered my education at an Ayurvedic Massage School SAMA. There I received qualifications to be a massage therapist & Ayurvedic practioner. That program was created by someone who is a dear friend. She was also my teacher in learning Numerology/Astrology cards. These cards are referred to as The cards of Life (destiny). My other certifications include Reiki (all levels), Tui Na, Polarity, QHT Hypnosis and I'm in the process of learning Doula Services. 

I was always called to the path of a healer and helping others, I see this now quite clearly. I have had lifetimes helping to bring healing to my community in ways. I have learned/continue to learn how to heal myself with grace & compassion. I have gone through experiences to better assist you. We gravitate to people, places, information when we need to. Everything is frequency and vibration. Our essence is light. When we are in alignment, we're in flow. When we're out of alignment, it reveals what we need to adjust & what we can shift.

Sharing my gifts and knowledge brings me happiness, confidence and gratitude. My work and its integrity is so important to me. My practice is intimate, honest and transformational. Thank you for your trust in me & feel free to ask questions.

We all deserve time for self care, 

please make that time for yourself. Find what resonates with you and allow it to change when it's time. It is an investment in your well being. 

My goal is to be a safe sacred space for you and your loved ones ❤️

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