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Mind, Body and Soul

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Energy Healing

An Ancient Science

This modality works with energy to keep us in flow. It brings us into relaxation & balance. It calms the nervous system and tunes our chakras. Our physical and emotional are interconnected. We are healthiest when we are in tune with our body and when we don't let energy stagnate. Reiki is similar to the principles and benefits received from acupuncture but without needles. It is light, non invasive, gentle hand placements. This subtle touch provides profound healing.

Astral Plane Reading (with reiki)

Intuitive Channeling

Here I hold space for the body and tune into an individuals spirit, its innate wisdom and its subtleties. Im able to access information and receive messages. Often the soul, energetic body and physical body has accumulated a lot throughout our lives. As it evolves and is ready to expand -different information will come up. The chakras hold memory and help me to access akashic records. Together, this work can provide insight, clarity, validation, healing, direction, and so on. I help you to interpret the messages of your body and spirit.

Cards of Life


This is numerology and astrology with a playing deck of cards. This is not tarot. Card symbolism traces back to ancient Egypt. These symbols are SACRED and the oracle aligns perfectly with our calendar. All of us have birth cards based on our birthday, these don't change and they reveal insight into our personality and life path. Each year on our birthday our card placements change and we can read themes playing out for the year. The cards can be read daily, in cycles, weekly, yearly and interpretations them helps us to navigate what’s presenting. The cards deepen our understanding of ourself, others and how to best move in sync with the present. Readings help us to harmonize with what energy is presenting for our growth. Through the cards I have helped clients to get pregnant, win legal cases, change jobs/relocate for the better and so on. It is a precise tool and can help us to explore life with more awareness. A skilled reader understands the language of the cards and interprets them for you. The cards reflect energy that is purposeful/fated & you decide how to best make your choices using your free will. This system is math, astrology, symbolism and intuition. 


Talk therapy

I received a degree in Counseling Psychology and that created a foundation for me. I offer Counseling virtually or in person and sessions are 30 or 60 minutes. We can meet regularly or you can schedule time when you feel necessary. I offer a service called phone a friend for those times when you need someone to listen & hold space. 

In quantum Healing Hypnosis, there is also a counseling piece that's important. Explore whatever modality you feel called to!

Quantum Healing Hypnosis 

Subconscious Healing, Instant Healing

  This method pioneered by Dolores Cannon establishes direct communication with the subconscious. Our subconscious is our highest self. Her style of hypnotherapy differs from others therapists. In this practice, our goal is to work with your subconscious for radical healing. Our subconscious is our oversoul and our connection to God. It is pure love and omniscient. Their is no fear in this practice and we do not engage in fear based thinking, victimization or limited beliefs. From here, we instantly create awareness & positive change. Through deep meditation and relaxation we can utilize past life regression, connect with Source and tap into quantum energy healing. Many of my clients during meditation make connections of themes in their life & start to release traumas from childhood. Let go of fear, karma and even ailments while also taking responsibility over your life. Spontaneous healing of physical ailments can occur. We can heal ourself with the right tools, awareness and intention.

QHHT is incredibly empowering and all the steps of a session serve purpose. A session typically takes between 3-5 hours. We will do an interview going over important points of your life that you want to share, a meditation and post discussion. You will leave with a recording of the session and each time you listen to it, the more it will assist with your healing. All sessions are private and confidential.


Infrared Sauna & Crystal Healing

The biotmat is included with all sessions or can be used on its own as a medical treatment. The mat is a recognized medical device and is highly helpful in treating inflammation and arthritis. It works to stimulate immune cells and is made of over 20 pounds of crushed amethyst. The biomat lies on the treatment table and uses light waves to heal. It penetrates 6-8 inches into the body and regenerates nerves and muscle tissue. The mat has many healing properties, one unique one is that it produces negative ions which energizes our cells. The biotmat can be used for inflammation, arthritis, crystal energetics, sauna, well being or to burn calories, it heats the body to different temperatures with added benefits.

Light & Sound Therapy


Come trip with me DRUG FREE! Take a moment to ~travel~ through sound and light. Safe and effective frequency treatment for relaxation, stimulation, creativity, and more.

Doula Services

Assistance with life

*In Progress, services pending...


Natural Healing

Our body does so much for us consciously and unconsciously. Tension can build in our tissues and muscles. By the time we feel pain, the body is trying to communicate we are out of balance through that pain. While pain is uncomfortable, it is also a messenger. Massage helps with stress, relaxation, pain management and more. It is an important tool for self care and massage helps us to be more fluid and mobile. I offer therepeutic touch to free up any tension in your body.

Ear Candling 

An Ancient Science

Ear Candling is an ancient holistic tradition. It is a safe, relaxing method with multiple benefits. Hopi Ear Candling was first introduced to the West by the Native American Hopi Indian Tribe who were regarded for their extensive knowledge of healing. The use of Hopi Ear Candling can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Translated Hopi means “peaceful ones”.

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