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What My Clients Say

Check out some of the feedback from my sweet clients. For those who take the time to send me a thoughtful message, know it fills my heart and reminds me of the importance of connection and this work. My space is one of non judgement, freedom and an exploration of the self. 

I care most about each individual feeling seen, heard and the quality of our time together.  Here is some of the love thats expressed to me, the gratitude is truly mutual.

Testimonials: Testimonials

Angel, I hope the rest of your day is as amazing as the light that shines within you. May it be full of joy and happiness, the way you bring light to me. You are strong, you are smart, your intuition is a guide for many and you brighten my day each time we have a session. Sending good vibes your way. Thank you for helping me heal.


You really are so gifted and its beautiful how we can simultaneously work with each other during our sessions. I am so very very excited.


You are such a gift and I will NEVER forget how the baby came when you put your hand on me!!! I was thinking about how you knew the labor would be longer. I have a feeling that if you weren't here to help guide the baby out in our home birth it would have taken a lot longer. Stephanie and Melody said it NEVER happens the way it did with your presence. The baby wasn't coming at all but you knew my body and the baby, you were a huge help and a gift to me from God. Thank you for being there for me.

Y <3

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